for a catering exam, food from around the world, what Chinese dishes could I do?



AntoniaJames December 18, 2010
Spicy Peanut or Sesame Noodles . . . .they hold well at room temp and people adore them. Don't make them too, too spicy, though. And be sure to include some thin strands of cucumber. Used to eat them whenever I could (once a week, if I was very lucky) at 4, 5, 6 when I worked on Wall St. Can taste them now. Mmmmmm. ;o)
anyone December 17, 2010
If this is for an exam, wouldn't asking food52 be cheating? Just wondering.
pierino December 17, 2010
General Tso's Chicken is ubiquitous in US Chinese restaurants (and an easy catering dish), although there is the historic aspect; this dish does not seem to exist in China just as Italian Gravy doesn't exist in Italy.
If you want to be daring, go Korean. Say, bulgogi or bipambap. Korean is the Asian cuisine of the near future.
Kayb December 16, 2010
How about dim sum? Sounds perfect for a catering exam...
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