Brandywine Valley, PA, restaurants

I'll do some web searching, but wondered if anyone had a first-hand recommendation for "nicer" restaurants in Brandywine Valley, PA, near Longwood Gardens and the Winterthur Museum and Gardens. Thanks!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • April 10, 2014


Pegeen June 15, 2014
Matt, just wanted to let you know that Sovana was excellent. We had trout, lamb and a number of delicious sides from local veggies. The composed salads were beautiful. Thanks again for a great tip.
Pegeen April 10, 2014
Matt - Wow. Thank you so much! Sovana Bistro sounds perfect. We'll be going in May when the gardens are blooming and (I guess Sovana will probably have more spring veggies). We'll be in the area two nights so we'll get to try another place as well. Thanks for the great information!
Matt J. April 10, 2014
What you want is Sovana Bistro, which is three or four miles from Longwood Gardens. Broadly speaking, it's a catch-all farm to table kind of place. The menu changes regularly, and I've never had a bad meal there (and living in Kennett, I've eaten there A LOT.) For something in between Longwood and Winterthur, you could go to Brandywine Prime which is nominally a steak house, but without the oldschool dark-wood panelling and all that goes along with that. But, if oldschool is what you want, then go to Mile High Steakhouse. The food is great (both the meat and the seafood) and the service is excellent. It's kind of like a non-chain equivalent of a place like Sullivans (but, of course, better.) If you're willing to go a little north into West Chester, there are a ton of options, and the same could be said about Wilmington is you head a little south of Winterthur. There's plenty of good food around here.
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