HI, I have arugala growing in my garden. I am wondering when and how to pick and hoping for some recipes.Thanks! You do a great job! :)

a Whole Foods Market Customer


threefresheggs June 25, 2012
I like it mature & spicy:
on press-grilled baguette (herb oiled if possible) with robiola cheese (divine!)
in salads with beets and creamy blue or goat cheese – or with pears, or grilled peaches
in a super-fast salad with paper-thin fennel, pecorino and super-simple lemon vinaigrette
HalfPint June 25, 2012
Pick it when it's relatively young (smallish leaves). It can get too peppery and spicy as it gets older. Unless of course, you like it very spicy.

One of my favorite sandwiches: Prosciutto or dry salami, arugula, fresh mozzarella, drizzle extra virgin olive oil on a crusty baguette.

Great pizza: pizza with smoked ham, provolone and pecorino, topped with arugula.

Salad: arugula tossed with mango chunks,oil-cured kalamata olives, oil/vinegar, pinch of salt and pepper. Whole foods makes this salad every summer.

Make pesto: just sub the arugula for the basil.

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