Cutting board stinkiness

Is there a way to get onion smell out of my bamboo and wooden cutting boards?



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Mineral oil yes, prevents stinkiness from really setting in. Then my cleaner of choice is rubbing alcohol. Is does a great job of disinfecting and doesn't leave any sort of smell behind like vinegar can.
JAC May 7, 2014
By the way, you should use mineral oil on ALL your wooden tools, spoons, steak knives, salad bowls. They'll last for many years with proper care.
JAC May 7, 2014
Sprinkle the board with coarse salt. Cut a lemon in half & use the cut side to scrub the board.
Once clean & free of odor, oil the board with food grade mineral oil and/or beeswax. Don't use any oil you would use for cooking as it can go rancid in the board. You should be able to find food grade oil easily. Most kitchen stores carry it. A bottle costs about $5-7.00 and will last a long time. There are also products that mix oil with beeswax that work very well. Treespirit is a good brand.
Not only does it keep away odors, it protects & therefore lengthens the life of the board and makes it look good, too.
Sam1148 May 7, 2014
You can get food grade mineral oil at most drug stores. It's in the laxative section at walgreens.
Declan May 6, 2014
Sorry ... Vinegar has a distinctive taste, residue. Lemon, not quite so.

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Torrey May 6, 2014
Scrub it down with coarse grain salt and white vinegar - the salt scours while the vinegar kills odour, and both disinfect (and are safe to eat!).
kimhw May 6, 2014
I also add a bit of lemon.
This is also a great way to clean coffee makers.
Declan May 6, 2014
I use lemon juice, and about once a month I rub in lemon oil.
bigpan May 6, 2014
I've used the same wood cutting board for about 30 years. I keep a spray bottle of water with a bit of bleach in it and use it on the board after every time I cut something. No smell, no illnesses.
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