I am making Cook Country's Fluffy Polenta with Red Sauce, but it wastes an onion.

This red sauce recipe says cut onion in half, cook in oil for four minutes then discard. Seems wasteful to me. Can I cut up that onion and saute with bell peppers without poisoning my family?



HalfPint May 27, 2020
Onions aren't poisonous. I would puree the onion into the red sauce.
mysteryreader749 May 27, 2020
I hope not since I eat them everyday ... I just wondered if the cooking method outlined in the recipe made them inedible for some obscure reason. But I heard from America's Test Kitchen (it's their recipe) and they said it's edible just not cooked through in this particular recipe. No need to discard. As for your thoughtful suggestion, the sauce is supposed to be mild in flavor. A pureed onion might overpower the subtle taste of the polenta (which is delicious). Thank you for your help.
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