Best miso for use at home, mostly in soup

Patricia Green


trampledbygeese May 21, 2014
The one you like best.
Quite often people will use white or shiro miso for warm weather days and aka or red miso for cold. If you can, try different miso pastes that are available locally, and see which one is yummiest for you.

I can't eat soy anymore so I really enjoy the chickpea and adzuke bean miso you can get from South River Miso co. You can keep the miso chunky or mush it up into a paste. Very versatile and made in the traditional way (so you don't need to worry about some of the more modern manufacturing techniques which may or maynot have questionable health side effects - jury's still out, but there is some convincing data that suggests that traditional miso methods are more healthy.)
SMSF May 21, 2014
I found this link on Food52 very helpful:
Jan W. May 20, 2014
It really depends if you want to make a more hearty, rustic soup/hotpot or a a more delicate soup that is more palate-friendly with whatever else you're serving. For your more traditional miso soup, most go for shiro (white) miso. Aka (red) miso is also used for miso soup, but it's stronger as it is allowed to age longer. You could also try genmai miso, which is similar to shiro miso but its made with brown rice instead of white rice.

The other varieties of commonly found miso in North America probably aren't as versatile due to their stronger flavor, but definitely give them a try.
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