What's the best drip coffee maker for home use?



Frank J. January 31, 2016
you need to think about many things before shopping for the most effective coffee maker for home, it’s not always shopping for the foremost high-ticket or biggest kitchen appliance you’ll notice, usual times, shopping for a smaller reasonable coffee maker will work best for you. There are lot of options and makers that comes with varied prices to settle on from selecting the most effective coffee maker, occasionally it will be confused to settle on best coffee maker, however knowing what to look for and what you would like, will assist you to seek out the most effective coffee maker. Here's a listing on Best Drip Coffee maker reviews: http://bestdripcoffeemakers.net/category/drip-coffee-maker-reviews/
drbabs August 24, 2011
When I was in Paris a few years ago, I stayed in a small apartment that had a Melitta coffee maker. It was the best home-dripped coffee I'd ever had. (Of course it was Paris and there was the coffee and the water...and it was Paris!) We bought one on line when we got home, and it was quite good--and FAST--a most desirable quality in a drip coffee maker in my opinion. We currently have a Braun, and it's also fine--and fast--but without an insulated carafe, I like to transfer the coffee to a carafe if it's going to be sitting around for any length of time. The hot plate really degrades the coffee.

The house we rent in Florida has a Hamilton Beach Brew Station. It drips the coffee into an insulated chamber and you get your coffee by pushing your mug into a little lever. I love that thing. I'm waiting for the Braun to break so I can get one.

Amanda H. August 23, 2011
I like Cuisinart drip coffee makers -- they're well built, heat the water properly, and their insulated carafes are handy. Don't get one that grinds the beans for you. Grinding beans and brewing are very different functions and you should get different machines for each. Here's a listing on Consumer Search of coffee maker reviews: http://www.consumersearch.com/coffee-maker-reviews
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