removing innards from chicken?

threw a chicken in the slow cooker and didnt think. chicken is done...ubt i didnt remove any innards. shoudl i toss the chicken due to safety concerns?

  • Posted by: Sean
  • May 26, 2014


mainecook61 May 27, 2014
Ha! Once my husband and I proudly brought a home-raised and butchered turkey to the family Thanksgiving, where it was roasted. Upon cutting into the bird---Oops!---we saw we had forgotten to remove the crop (gizzard). It was full of still bright green grass (the last meal) plus the gravel that aids digestion. I hid the turkey with my body while my husband deftly removed the offending (well-cooked) innard. We survived to tell the tale.
cookbookchick May 27, 2014
amysarah May 27, 2014
When I buy whole chickens, the innards are usually enclosed in a paper pouch - if these were too, I'd think that would be safe. If so, I'd just taste to see if the flavor was unpleasantly affected by the innards.
ChefJune May 27, 2014
Those "innards" are generally wrapped in plastic. This means you've cooked a bunch of plastic inside your bird. That wrap leaches chemicals into your food. (first reason I wouldn't eat it.) Then, the liver will likely have imparted its very own unique flavor to the chicken, which may not be the flavor you intended.
Meaghan F. May 27, 2014
I've bought grocery-store chickens before where the "innards" aren't wrapped at all, so it's not a given that plastic would be an issue, but agree that they will almost definitely impart a funky flavor after a good soak in the slow cooker. At the very least, though, you should be able to salvage the carcass for stock.
aargersi May 27, 2014
define innards - just the giblets that come in the chicken? I would think it's fine - we eat those too, right? But maybe Google it to be sure ...
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