Is it okay to partly cook chicken and then put it in a chicken stew for 7 hours?

I started cooking a chicken stew and the recipe called for the chicken to be put on a stove and browned up. I then transferred it immediately to a slow cooker on a low heat. But I put the chicken in the slow cooker when some of the chicken was slightly brown on the edges, but was still very pink (especially in the middle).

Will this effect the cooking of the chicken if some of it was cooked in a frying pan, and the rest cooked slowly in a slow cooker? It will have been in the slow cooker for about 7 / 8 hours by the time it will be eaten. Should I be worried about food poisoning, because the chicken was partly undercooked at the start?

I put it in the chicken stew immediately after the frying pan, so it has continued to cook non-stop, just at a slower pace.

  • Posted by: Holly
  • July 14, 2019


Gammy July 15, 2019
Relax.... there are many recipes for chicken dishes that call for browning, then transferring to a different dish to finish cooking. The slow cooker time may make the skin flabby, but you can easily remove the skin before serving. The only time I would be concerned would be if you browned, then let sit out for a length of time or refrigerated prior to finishing the cooking.
Sahil July 14, 2019
No it will not effect the cooking of chicken although as it already half cooked and now you are trying to slow cook it for 7-8 hrs it have chance it may get extra soft in gravy in the end
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