My son's coming home from college for the holiday's and he's a vegetarian. The recent thread on peppers got me thinking. Anyone have a good filling for poblano's that would be vegetarian friendly? Thanks...

  • Posted by: javal
  • December 20, 2010


aargersi December 20, 2010
You could go Indian as well - rice and curry and tomatoes, maybe even some coconut. And of course a tofu crumble is always good - saute it with onion and garlic, some brewer's yeast, you could add some peas and dices carrot, and then of course cheese makes everything better!
latoscana December 20, 2010
Rice and beans, too.
POTATO December 20, 2010
Sky is really the limit when it comes to stuffing a poblano. How about onion, garlic, tomato, quinoa, cheese (cotija, monterey jack), corn and squash. Then dredge & fry as usual.
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