Phosphate soda is this something I can make in my kitchen?

where to find ingredients? recipes? I recently became interested in making my own syrups for drinks (both alcoholic and not) and then was listening to an episode of Good Food Radio and was reminded of phosphate sodas. Have no idea where to start with making them, but would love to experiment!

  • Posted by: Jules
  • August 18, 2014


Susan W. August 18, 2014
I had to google what it was. All you need is acid phosphate (Amazon would have it), flavored syrup (there is an orange soda recipe on this site that starts with making an orange syrup) and seltzer water. Easy peasy.
Liza's K. August 18, 2014
You can find phosphate online ( pretty easily. There is also this website (where you can also find ingredients) that has many recipes and a lot of information. Tell us how all the soda comes out!
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