From the UK, need help choosing the right syrup

I live in the UK and visited America last year and after trying your waffles and syrup and your version of pancakes with syrup, I loved it! I tried making it myself when I came home but I can't find a maple syrup like the one I had in America. I went to Waffle House and loved the syrup they used there but I have no idea which type of syrup they use the ones I've tried in the UK are too strong for my liking. Which syrup should I be buying?

  • Posted by: Chantele
  • September 12, 2014


GingerRogue October 11, 2023
I know this question is nearly a decade old, so I'm answering for whoever stumbles upon it and has a similar question as I did.

It will depend on where you had the waffles and syrup. Most American restaurants serve "fake" maple syrup. A high fructose corn syrup base with added flavorings. As someone mentioned, the actual famous Waffle House restaurant syrup is made for them by a company called (Braeburn?). You can purchase it via Walmart, Amazon and Waffle House online.

Most folks at home use real Maple syrup or any of the following, widely available, "fake" syrups: Aunt Jemima (now renamed Pearl Milling Company), Log Cabin, Mrs. Butterworth's or Hungry Jack. Many large chain stores also have their own branded syrup.

My personal favorite that I've been eating since I was a child is Aunt Jemima/Pearl Milling Company now. It will shock many, but I don't like pure maple syrup and I've tried it many times and many brands through the years. I just don't enjoy the flavor. Not on my pancakes or waffles nor as a honey substitute in other dishes. But I do pick up a bottle now and again to see if I change my mind. So far no go.
Waffles>pancakes January 17, 2022
As many have said, it’s not actual maple syrup. Some of us Americans (CA and US) may think you’re crazy for using the fake stuff, but if you want the same exact not-maple syrup, the brand is Blackburn-made Syrup and can be found on Amazon according to People Magazine. If you prefer an actual maple syrup, I think you’re covered by the other comments.
Andrew B. February 20, 2017
We have 100% pure Canadian maple syrup for sale, check this out...
If you want a bulk order we are more than happy to supply, just contact me!
Michele September 17, 2014
Waitrose has a 4 varieties of Canadian maple syrup - and as they quite a high end grocery store what is on offer should be of good quality. If the link doesn't work go to their website and put in maple syrup.
nutcakes September 15, 2014
I'm not an expert, but in the U.S. real authentic maple syrup comes in a couple of main grades A and B. A is milder, so I suspect you will like that the best. In the U.S., most maple syrup comes from Vermont, but neighboring states make good syrup. Canada makes 80 percent of the maple syrup so that may be an easier purchase, the grades are names differently and they have AAA, AA, A, B and C at least with AAA called extra light so that may be one to look for. Real maple syrup is made from sap and is fantastic and expensive. At a roadside diner you may have had imitation syrup, called pancake syrup or breakfast syrup. It is a widely used product based on corn syrup and artificial flavoring. Aunt Jemima is probably the most popular brand here. This is a purchased product here and I have never heard of anyone trying to make it.
Maedl September 15, 2014
The recipe posted above has been around for decades--it probably dates to the Depression, when people couldn't pick up a bottle of cheap syrup at the store.
Maedl September 15, 2014
I, too, would be astounded if what you had was maple syrup. it was probably some industrial-grade syrup made for the food industry. Try going to a good-sized grocery store and look in the foreign foods section--or wherever they stock the Cheezwhiz and peanut butter. I will bet they have some sort of syrup there--Aunt Jemima is a popular brand, so you may find that. I have seen it in Germany, so I'd say you have a good chance in the UK.
jamcook September 14, 2014 In New Hampshire will ship syrup to you, but the shipping costs might be quite high. Go to their site .. There is a phone number where you could call for specific shipping costs.
jamcook September 14, 2014
You should absolutely be buying pure maple syrup.. It is made from Sugar Maples in the northern United States and Canada. It can take about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup. My son worked on a farm in Massachusetts and helped with the syrup making which is a huge amount of hard work.. Tapping the trees, carrying the heavy buckets out of the snowy woods, and then boiling it down to syrup in, usually big wood fired evaporators. You should be able to get some by ordering online. I think I once saw some in Fortnum and Mason, but it was very expensive

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cookbookchick September 12, 2014
Let us not neglect to mention that New York State also produces excellent maple syrup! Maple trees don't know which side of the New York/Vermont border they're on.
JulieBee September 12, 2014
Hi there. Check out this Vermont company, Tonewwod Maple Syrup. I wrote a story about them on The Grommet. JulieBee
sunkisst22 September 12, 2014
Can you get imitation maple flavoring in the UK? We ha e made our own syrup for generations. 1c. water, 2 c. sugar, 1/2 tsp imitation maple and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Combine water and sugar and bring to a boil. Stir till sugar dissolves and then add flavoring.
Leia P. February 20, 2017
It is not the same flavor as real maple syrup, but will suffice in a pinch.
AKOS September 12, 2014
so much syrup so little time!
AKOS September 12, 2014
Canadian! :) Maple Syrup from Quebec and Ontario (Ottawa's Stanley's Olde Maple Lane Farm) is delicious. Also if you are feeling adventurous, try the more savoury Birch Syrup as well from British Columbia (Vancouver). It is wonderful as a glaze for fish, game and pork as well as for pancakes and waffles. Oh... and don't forget Wild Blueberry syrup...mmmm. (Blueberries are like Windberries)
Anita September 12, 2014
Hi Chantele! I am an American but I currently live in the UK so I feel that maybe I can help you. As some of the other people suggested, I doubt Waffle House uses a high-quality syrup and I've eaten a lot of Waffle House! :) Real maple syrup (whatever the grade) is quite expensive in the United States so I imagine Waffle House uses some kind of blend of sugars or corn syrup. I'm sorry that I can't give you a specific answer other than don't buy real maple syrup. Go for something cheap if you are going for that Waffle House taste.
Chantele September 12, 2014
Thank you, this is really helpful!
amysarah September 12, 2014
As already mentioned, pure maple syrup is the best - a whole other thing than mass market "maple flavored" syrup. This is the delicious one my friend in Montreal brings when she visits:

Having said that, I kind of doubt Waffle House uses pure syrup, as it's more judgement! Whenever I visit my in-laws in Ohio, I have to have one of their cheese omelets. Just oddly fluffy and delicious and I neither want to know, nor care, why.
Susan W. September 12, 2014
Okay, I have to tell you the secret behind restaurants like Waffle House and their oddly fluffy but delicious omelets. Pancake batter added to their eggs which are often egg beater type eggs with whole eggs added. Feel free to forget I told you. :0)
amysarah September 12, 2014
Ah ha! Thanks for the intel. They're an entirely different species than, e.g., a French omelet - but somehow very satisfying. That might be partly due to circumstances - cooking wasn't my MIL's thing, so there was always a vague hunger permeating those visits.
Susan W. September 12, 2014
I agree...somehow they are satisfyingly good. Sort of like pb&j on wonder bread. A friend of mine always specifies she wants a whole egg only omelet. I don't. :0)
CanadaDan September 12, 2014
If you enjoyed it so much it must've been real maple syrup from Vermont or Quebec as opposed to table syrup which is basically corn syrup that you can find anywhere (and is an insult to us Canadians).

I found the below on amazon UK...I have this brand in my fridge. It's not the best but it's still very good. FYI I live in quebec, maple capital of the world so i know my sh*t
Nancy September 12, 2014
Couple suggestions here. One - maple syrup comes in different grades, in US as a whole, Vermont, Canada. The darker colored one (medium or grade B has a more distinct flavor. The lighter one has less distinct flavor. Some pancake syrups sold in stores are sugar syrups with artificial maple flavor (cheaper). Not sure what Waffle House use. Maybe email & ask them? Last, there are some American stores in London that may carry maple syrup, and Lakeland has one variety (can't tell grade from their site).
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