I need meal ideas for a long weekend vacation at a lake house.

There are limited sources of quality ingredients while there so I need to plan and make things ahead. Furthermore, I don't want to spend my vacation cooking (as much as I love cooking) so quick assembly of prepped items is perfect. Thanks!



Patti I. August 19, 2014

This hotline question had some answers that might be helpful! For me, I just grill anything with a lot of salads and corn at this time of year.
Kristen W. August 19, 2014
I like to bring sausages to grill (you can buy precooked if you're feeling really lazy) and a big mess of caramelized onions and peppers that have been precooked at home. The onions/peppers are also delicious in an egg scramble in the morning. Corn on the cob is also yummy and super simple, and I always prep salad greens and bring a couple of ziplock bags full of them. Whole potatoes are also easy and tasty grill fare. Smoked salmon is another protein option that keeps well, requires no prep, and takes up little space -- smoked salmon toasts + salad come to mind as an easy and delicious lunch.
Sam1148 August 18, 2014
Go to a camp store. Or walmart, dollar store. Get plastic squeeze bottles. Depending on your transportation the 'mustard/ketchup' type---which can leak are really good. Just keep them upright in the bag.
Or from a camping place the ones with a fold down nozzle.
Use those for oil and vinegar. And pack some baggies with your most used spices--and Good Salt! Or forget that--get the mccormick grinder things. Done.

Kids- PIZZA! Get Boboli pizza crust. Vacpacked pizza sauce..bring your cheese.
(You should have onions, pepperoni, and ham in your inventory).

Canned Tuna and Salmon...good crackers. For a snack. A container of Hummus. and Pita Chips. PopCorn! (Popcorn makes a nice curton on a salad)

Eggs..English Muffins..Canadian Bacon. And yes...the packaged holendase sauce mix.
English muffins can do double duty for mini burgers for the kids and adults for a lunch.

Head2Tail August 18, 2014
Thanks, Saraa for your ideas. My food "pack-list" always looks a little crazy for these trips (do I really need olive oil and my favorite cheese on vacation? um, yes...) . The steak with leftovers converted to sandwiches or salads is great idea, especially since there's 1/2 a beef sitting my freezer! And I'm so glad to know I'm not alone with my foodie vacation tendencies.
saraa August 18, 2014
I too vacation at a house with limited resources. If you are driving a cooler is your key. I prep pie crust, cookies, marinades, pizza dough (throw it on the grill) and bring all my "fancy" food - Maldon, great olive oil, vinegar, spices, proscuitto, salami, olives, cheeses - stuff that keeps. I also cook extra meat while there and prep veg so you can throw together a salad quickly or lunch food (leftover steak for sandwiches). Menu planning and delegating are not overrated in this situation. I really like the web site "plan to eat" for menu planning and recipe organizing (plus has a shopping list that you can divide up pdf and send to others).
ChefJune August 18, 2014
Are you going to be fishing/eating your catch? If so, I'd plan on fish for your focus and think of sides everyone likes to go with that. Plan at least one meal of grilled burgers/dogs and the like with easy sides (carry the chips along).
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