Easy things to keep around that make dinner prep easy & quick?

I'm looking to collect some recipes for things that I can keep around that would make putting dinner together easier & quicker. I'm not looking for complete 'make ahead' meals, but rather components of meals that can be prepped ahead, and then used later to quickly put together a more complete meal.



lloreen June 22, 2012
I like to have a few spice rubs and herbed salt mixtures ready to go. If you have a rosemary, thyme salt and some kind of five spice blend or Tandoori blend you just need a second to smear it on chicken or pork with oil before throwing it on the barbecue or oven. the herbed salt is great as a finishing touch for grilled veggies too.
I also like to keep those crumbled feta or goat cheese packets from trader Joe's to throw on a salad. I make my own salad dressing once a week and keep it in a jar in the fridge. throw together some prewashed arugula, a handful of chopped cherry tomatoes, some feta, and slivered almonds and you have a decent salad in two minutes.
grilled chicken and skewered squash with a salad is my go-to default summer meal.
chef O. June 22, 2012
The Daily Meal web site had a great article recently on well stocked pantries and refrigerators (can't get link as am on phone). Be sure to visit your local farmers market often for fresh fruits and veg that can be the basis for many quick and easy meals.
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