I've made a pesto that is a little bit too salty. How do I adjust the seasoning?

Gloria Davies


Susan W. June 19, 2017
I sliced a new potato and put it in the pesto. I refrigerated it for one hour. And it worked!!!
Spitfire September 4, 2019
Yay! Thanks for sharing! 🥰 ☮
Spitfire September 4, 2019
Oops, guess I should've read all comments first. 🤭
Susan W. September 3, 2014
Remember that you are tasting it in concentrated form. Have you tried it in the context that you'll be using it? On pasta, crostini or whatever. The salt concentration will be less.

When I truly have over salted pesto, I make another half batch with no added salt and mix them together.
Food O. September 3, 2014
Try using less cheese. I find the cheese can make pesto taste salty.
Reese C. December 22, 2020
Yes! Cheese salted!!!
HalfPint September 2, 2014
Add more oil and/or nuts, slowly until you get the level of saltiness that you like.

Or you can use less of the pesto.
Gloria D. September 2, 2014
Thank you. A friend also suggested to use potato for a bit to soak up the salt.
HalfPint September 2, 2014
@gloria, the potato trick has been debunked, http://www.myrecipes.com/how-to/cooking-questions/fix-too-much-salt-00420000013241/
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