- I made a marinara from last night using tomatoes from the garden. Why did it have a slightly metallic taste?



Dominic B. September 10, 2014
How did you make the marinara? I like to roast my tomatoes and deseed. The seeds can give the sauce a sour taste or metallic if blended in with the sauce. I use carrots as a natural sweetener. As they get sweet when roasted.
Declan September 9, 2014
Add brown sugar

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boulangere September 8, 2014
If you used unlined copper or aluminum, either would have given you a metallic taste. When cooking with any kind of acid, including milk and cream, always use stainless steel because it is non-reactive with acids.
Nancy September 11, 2014
Or other non-reactive materials, like enameled or glass.
Susan W. September 8, 2014
Possibly you have high acid tomatoes and you just need a pinch or two of sugar? What kind of pot did you use?
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