Sweet savory tomato jam

I made this jam last night. I cooked it for over three hours and it not thicken like jam. How thick should it get. I did process in hot water bath. The taste is fantastic, but would like it to be a little thicker. Anything I can do?

Marcia Marie


jamcook August 27, 2012
Also read somewhere that Jam sets up better in humid conditions ..which certainly describes my un-airconditioned Kitchen last night. I don't know how the weather was where other folks were cooking.
jamcook August 27, 2012
Diana B, I put the triple recipe in just one pot. It is, however a 16 quart pot that is both high and wide..lots of space to boil down and not have to worry about boiling over. (Made by Farberware, stainless steel with a very heavy bottom. .. Not too wildly expensive. worth every penny.) It acheived beautiful Jammy texture in about 2/12 hours... Also cooked on a big burner with lots of BTU oomph. I used San Marzano Plum Tomatoes which are meatier and less watery than other varieties, and added 2 large peeled and chopped, Gravenstein apples.
Diana B. August 27, 2012
Jamcook, did you put the triple recipe in one pot to cook, or spread out over two or more pans. I'm a big doubler and tripler of recipes, but I've learned the hard way that it significantly increases cooking time to put the multiplied batch in one pan (not to mention the loss of flavor and nutrients caused by long cooking). I bet you're right that the apples helped the set up, so maybe the apples shouldn't have been deleted from the Food52 version.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 27, 2012
I've made this twice in the past couple of weeks, and both times it took significantly longer than 3 hours to get to jam consistency, but it did eventually get there. I think the issues for me were using a small burner, and, as jamcook notes, not a wide enough pot.
jamcook August 27, 2012
I made this last night too, and a triple recipe cooked down to Very Jammy in about 21/2 hours . I have a very large pot (16 quarts) which gives the jam more surface to evaporate. You wouldn't need something that large for the single recipe, but perhaps a larger pot than the one you used would help. I also added apple which was in Jenny Perillo's original recipe on her site. Maybe the natural pectin in the apple helped to set it up better,as was suggested to me a few questions down. It looks beautiful and tastes AMAZING! I also had a great yield..7 pints from a triple recipe. It took me 35 years to finally buy a BIG pot and it has improved my preserving in every way.
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