Can you pickle brussel sprout stalks?



Eliz. September 26, 2014
Joanie922, apparently a related question was posed before on Food52 and Chowhound, though, in terms of their edibility. I think the hybrid (guessing) varieties in supermarkets might have stalks a bit more yielding than the big, thick, wooden, fibrous ones I pick up at the farmers market, especially since farmers around here often wait until after the first frost and time their harvests to cooincide with Thanksgiving. Raw radishes make great quick pickles, so I am less inclined to think of them as comparable. Broccoli stalks crop up in descriptions of roasted Brussels sprout stalks. Bamboo shoots, too, since prep involves heavy-duty peeling.

In any case, please report back with results!

Suggestion for upcoming Food52 contest: Vegetable Offal. There is a cookbook devoted to the topic, but I'd be intrigued, especially if someone could make carrot tops palatable.
Dominic B. September 25, 2014
Yes you can. I brine the stalks in cold salt water for 24 hours two soften then up. They tend to be bitter so add a little more sugar too the pickling liquid. I used the same method in my burger.
Eliz. September 23, 2014
Wood be tough! Great in compost or for child dressing up as Mostly-Plants Max on Halloween since it would make a fabulous sceptor for a rumpus!
Joanie922 September 23, 2014
I know I would peel first, but wondered if it could be pickled like radishes and thinly sliced.
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