Can I make a logged in shortcut for Food 52 on my iPad?

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Food O. October 1, 2014
Yes. That fixed it. Thanks again
Food O. September 30, 2014
Not so fast. I have the shortcut on my home screen but it's just the site, I'm not logged in. I wanted to streamline it by being logged in to my account permanently.
Ryan H. October 1, 2014
Once you've logged in once, you should remain logged in (for up to a year). It works for me like that on my iPad. One thing to check is to make sure Safari isn't in "Private" mode, as that would force you to log in every time. If the top browser bar is black instead of light gray, then that means you are indeed in "Private" mode. Hope that helps!
Food O. September 30, 2014
YES! I did it! Thanks.
Ryan H. September 29, 2014
If you just navigate to the page you want to bookmark (home page, recipe search, etc.), then tap the box/arrow icon to the right of the URL (see attached screenshot), you'll see an option to "Add to Home Screen". After that, tap "Add" and it will save a Food52 icon to your home screen. Hope that helps!
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Laurie15 September 29, 2014
Thanks, Ryan, for being way more helpful! OP -- Ryan is showing you what I tried to describe.
Laurie15 September 29, 2014
You can set up direct access to the site by saving the page right on your iPad's "desktop" (I am not sure what it is called on the iPad). Log-in settings would be your own settings, and then it should work fine! If this doesn't make sense, let me know, I can explain it more clearly and work through the steps on my iPad with you.
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