Commercial pie crust ok for vegan or kosher eater?

I have a commercial pumpkin pie with a pastry crust but no ingredient list on package. Does anyone know likelihood of lard, beef suet or other animal fat in it? I seem to remember that lard was often used. Need to know to avoid serving to vegan and kosher eaters.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • October 7, 2014


Nancy October 7, 2014
Thanks for your answers. Enough doubts so I won't serve this & will make something from scratch. Susan W thx for info about sugar - I didn't know. FYI in related matter, maple syrup is often poured through lard at end of refining (to reduce foam, the way a pat of butter is sometimes added to jam at the end of cooking). So, not for vegan/kosher guests either.
Susan W. October 7, 2014
I had no idea that was done with maple syrup. It's supposed to be a vegan alternative to sugar. The things that are done with food are mind boggling.
Monita October 7, 2014
If the pie/crust was Kosher it would have some certification like OU or Star K. Without that and any ingredient list someone who kept Kosher wouldn't consider it kosher. If this is commercially produced, it is required to have an ingredient list, including for the crust. So if you don't see any lard or other meat products, or eggs in the ingredient list then it is probably vegan but still not necessarily kosher. If you got this at a bakery, I would call and ask them for an ingredient list.
Susan W. October 7, 2014
I doubt real animal fats were used. It's probably made with vegetable shortening, but I with no ingredients list, I would serve something else.
Susan W. October 7, 2014
Also, something I recently learned is that strict vegans do not eat regular table sugar because it is filtered through charred animal bones. They would use evaporated cane sugar instead.
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