Best meat for beef stew

Making a beef stew but the recipe doesn't say which kind of beef to get. I want something that will get very tender.

  • Posted by: TDeu
  • October 21, 2014


amysarah October 21, 2014
My 'go to' for a long braised beef stew is chuck too. I sometimes use meaty beef shanks for soups - inexpensive cut, but tasty and tender after long slow cooking. If you throw a couple of those in the stew pot too, the bones add great flavor and are easy to fish out (and you have the delicious marrow - chef's treat.)
Andrea N. October 23, 2014
Chuck is fabulous, with the chewy bits. When I use shank in stew along with chuck, I cut the shank pieces smaller than the chuck because shank takes longer to become tender.
amysarah October 23, 2014
Yes, good point! You can let the bones simmer in there too, after cutting the meat into pieces.
aargersi October 21, 2014
We often buy a thickly cut sirloin steak and cube that - tender and delicious
Susan W. October 21, 2014
My favorite is a chuck roast that I cut up myself. I also used boneless short ribs recently. Turned out great.

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mickle October 21, 2014
Chuck roast for amazing flavor!
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