What is the best non-"cloud" (online) based system for organizing recipes digitally? I am often in places where there is no or unreliable internet access, but need to have my recipe resources handy. Desktop search works okay, but has its limits. Any ideas? What do you all use? Are there any particularly good programs or tools that allow for aggregating and searching documents created in various formats? Thank you. ;o)



MPB September 14, 2010
I like Evernote (evernote.com). It's efficient and effective; it's available on your computer or the cloud; it will help you aggregate and search documents created in various formats, and, it's FREE.
TiggyBee September 14, 2010
Have you tried the Demy Kitchensafe touch screen organizer? A good friend swears by hers, but initially had some issues with pre-loaded recipes on it. I think they have resolved that though with a removal system. I haven't tried it myself, but hope the info helps.
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