Does anyone know how to move recipes between their saved collections? I have too many saved in one collections and would like to reorganise. Thx!



Helaine February 7, 2018
Not sure if this has been resolved but if you open the recipe and click +Saved it will allow you to either save in multiple collections or deselect in a collection. Maybe they added this feature after the question was asked.
okaykate October 27, 2014
and for anyone else who has encountered the same thing: a good workaround is to create the new collections then go back to your master (unruly) collection and save again - gives an option to save in the newly created collection and unsave in the old. problem solved! (but thanks again Dr. Babs for your help)
drbabs October 27, 2014
You can have recipes in more than one collection. So create the new collections and then save each recipe to the new collection. My collections have become unwieldy, too, so I've started doing this a lot--if I have a dinner party for example, I create a collection and title it with the date of the party. It may only have 4 recipes in it, but it's easy for me to go back to rather than try to remember.
okaykate October 27, 2014
Thanks Dr. Babs - i was hoping there would be something easier than me going thru and re-doing everything (right now I have all my recipes in one collection and would like to subdivide)... So here is a suggestion to the IT folks at Food52: maybe make an option to 'move to a different collection' instead of just 'delete' when editing collections. thanks again!
drbabs October 27, 2014
It's actually pretty easy. You can click on your recipes and go to save. At the bottom of your list will be "new collection." Type in its name and the site will add that recipe to the new collection. It will still be in your old large collection, but now you'll be able to find it more easily.
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