With the new “save” feature, it seems like we are no longer able to save favorite recipes in more than one collection. Is that correct?



ATG117 April 7, 2014
Thanks for the response! Really, very surprised that folks find the new way more optimal (!!!), but accept that sometimes majority rules ;)
Karl R. April 7, 2014
Closing the widget once you check a save box was a deliberate decision to make it easier to save to a collection without having to click to close the widget (like you did before). This does make it less optimized for saving a single recipe to multiple collections, but based on overall user feedback and usage stats, it seems we're on the right track. Thanks for taking the time to report your experience - and apologies that the update seems less optimal for you. We'll keep our eye out for a while to make sure this is the right decision overall. Perhaps we could update it so that once you have more than a few collections we keep it open until you manually close it.
ATG117 April 6, 2014
Now, once you select one collection, the menu automatically closes and you have to reopen it to save it to another one. It used to be that you could select multiple collections at once. Any chance, there's an easy fix for this?
Merrill S. April 3, 2014
You can save recipes to your "Favorites" collection, as well as to any other collection you like! Just click on the "Save" button again to add a recipe to more collections.
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