Does anyone have a genius pumpkin pie recipe that doesn't use egg?

It's a friend's birthday next week, and we're making her favorite: pumpkin pie. Except she's allergic to eggs, which means it won't be as straightforward as I'm used to.

What are your favorite egg replacers or tricks to work around eggs in a pumpkin pie recipe? And yes, I'll be using canned pumpkin.

Lauren Kelley


Panfusine November 28, 2014
I know this is rather late, but made a pumpkin pie (with canned pumpkin) using condensed milk and greek yogurt using a gingersnap crust that turned out very well. Would be glad to share the recipe.
Lauren K. November 28, 2014
Wow! I love the idea of this -- would you be willing to add the recipe to Food52's collection? It sounds amazing!
Nancy November 13, 2014
I've found that silken tofu (or soft, however it's labelled where you buy it) is a great egg-replacement. 2 oz (measured in a liquid measure cup) replace a large egg. So take a favorite recipe, buzz up the tofu in a processor or blender with other liquids and bake your pie.
Posie (. November 12, 2014
Never tried it, but here is an article with a good looking recipe from the Wash Times: and also Flo Fab has an eggless one in the NYT (but it has raisins...beware):
Lauren K. November 13, 2014
Perfect -- thanks, Posie!
Lindsay-Jean H. November 12, 2014
How about this one?
Lauren K. November 12, 2014
Yes, that one caught my eye as I was looking before...I was hoping to avoid going entirely vegan, but I suppose I could work around that. It's only egg that needs avoiding for her allergy.


And, if anyone else has suggestions, let me know. Open to all ideas.
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