Once again, I need help using a boatload of one ingredient. This time, sweetened shredded coconut. The shreds are very small. Help!



jammmy August 28, 2017
If they were unsweetened coconut, coconut chutney is your best bet. There are some good ones like http://cookclickndevour.com/coconut-chutney-recipe-restaurant-style.

For sweetened coconut, you can try making coconut cake or fudge bars!
LysiaLoves November 25, 2014
Coconut butter! I've only tried it with unsweetened but I don't see why it wouldn't work. There are lots of recipes online but it's pretty straightforward. Put a LOT of coconut into your blender, pulse it several times then set it to high. You will need to scrape it down, possibly multiple times depending on how strong your blender is. Mine isn't a beast so I actually let the blender rest for several minutes halfway through. It got there though! It's great plain but you could make a few different varieties - once it's creamy, blend in unsweetened cocoa powder or melted dark chocolate and roll into truffles (they'll harden when cool), or blend or pulse in some nuts for a unique nut butter, or add in some spices like cinnamon, allspice, cloves, etc for a winter toast spread. The last variation would be especially yummy if you toasted the coconut first. Just be careful not to burn it!
weekend A. November 25, 2014
my mother's macaroons are dead simple. Shredded sweetened coconut mixed with sweetened condensed milk, then dropped by the tablespoonful on a parchment-lined sheet. Bake until nice and brown and the milk is a deep caramel color around the sides of the macaroon - we like them on the well-done side in our family.
If you make these, make sure you remove them from the sheet quickly and flip them upside down to cool on a wire rack.
Dipping the bottoms in melted milk or dark chocolate is entirely optional, but highly recommended!
HalfPint November 18, 2014
My granola recipe includes 3 generous cups of shredded coconut. Another recipe that I love which includes coconut is banana bread. Mark Bittman has a very good banana bread recipe that includes shredded (though unsweetened) coconut. I would just cut back a little on the sugar. Also, Ina Garten has a marshmallow recipe that is coated with toasted marshmallows.
ktr November 18, 2014
Toss them in the blender or food processor and make a sweetened coconut butter out of them.
aargersi November 18, 2014
Coconut flan (you can certainly use more than this recipe calls for)

Also it's great toasted (I toast it by zapping in 15 second intervals in the microwave, stirring in between) and used on fruit salad.

These crepes are fantastic - just leave the sugar out of the filling since the coconut is sweetened:

Home made granola too!
Maedl November 18, 2014
Freezing it is a good idea. Then you can use it in smaller quantities. I like coconut on my yogurt, to which I also add nuts, assorted seeds and fruit. This guarantees a morning without hunger. You might also think about coconut cream pie. Freezing it is a good idea. Then you can use it in smaller quantities. I like coconut on my yogurt, to which I also add nuts, assorted seeds and fruit. This guarantees a morning without hunger. You might also think about coconut cream pie. If you make it, let me know so I can appear at your door!
Maedl November 18, 2014
Sorry the previous post is messed up. I thought I had lost the message, but apparently it was still there.

Another idea: My grandmother used to dip bread in condensed or evaporated milk, then roll it in coconut and bake til golden and crisp. I found a 'recipe' On 'Taste of Home'.

10 slices white bread (or you can use french, which is sturdier)
2 cups sweetened condensed milk
2 cups shredded coconut
Cut each piece of bread into 3 pieces
Dip each piece of bread into the sweetened condensed milk on one side only.
Dip the wet side into the coconut.
Line the bread, coconut side up, on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil.
Bake at 350 degrees until the bread is toasted and the coconut is lightly browned, maybe
ten to fifteen minutes
Nuke the S.C Milk for a few seconds to make it easier to dip the bread in.

Read more: http://community.tasteofhome.com/community_forums/f/30/p/780592/6654892.aspx#ixzz3JOwKxVnB
jamcook November 18, 2014
Coconut Macaroons , if you also have a boatload of egg whites. I also believe that you can freeze the coconut for later use, and you can certainly refrigerate some of it for a longer shelf life . Chef June has a lovely recipe on the site for coconut pound cake
Dave O. November 18, 2014
Pinã colada night.
Nancy November 17, 2014
try coconut chutney (for Indian breakfast pancakes, idli, and/or other uses)...this site has 8 variations, so maybe one will appeal to your tastes/menu. http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/coconut-chutney-recipe-coconut-chutney/
Sam1148 November 17, 2014
Coconut bars. Cookies.
Steep some make a coconut drink Mix it with some ginger and serve over ice: also add rum for one drink. Another drink would be tea and evaporated milk.

Thin it out if it's too oily. People say steeping making coconut "Milk" but for me it's always turned out like a richer coconut water instead of the high oil and coconut milk you get in a can.

Ohh...coconut shrimp. Make a batter to fry shrimp and roll them in coconut and fry. Use a Polynesian style dipping sauce......pineapple, mustard, horsraddish...or another fruit base dipping sauce.

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