What should I add to butternut squash soup to bring up the flavor?

I used Martha Stewart's recipe for butternut squash soup with apples. No problem except that the flavor is too subtle. I'd like to wake it up and would appreciate suggestions. Thanks.

  • Posted by: RussellW
  • November 25, 2014


Jamandance October 13, 2022
A dollop of creamy goat cheese :) Plus the Sherry vinegar, ginger, and sage as others said.
amysarah November 26, 2014
When something like that tastes a little flat, I find that the fix (besides maybe salt) is often a little acid - with your soup, a splash of either sherry vinegar or apple cider vinegar perhaps - not enough to make it taste vinegar-y, just a bit to brighten it up. Also as a garnish, a drizzle of toasted pumpkin seed oil or balsamic vinegar reduced to a syrup adds a little something.
cook4you November 26, 2014
Garam masala!
Yianna November 26, 2014
I like to use cumin, in addition to warming spices such as cinnamon and ginger. Freshly cracked pepper is also fantastic.
lisabu November 26, 2014
Try a drizzle of pumpkin seed oil
Julieta L. November 26, 2014
Ginger, Lime or coconut.
equilibrium November 25, 2014
We like to add a splash of vinegar, extra ginger and fresh grated parmesan (not for on top but in the soup). Delicious.
Bevi November 25, 2014
The Silver Palate Cookbook has a wonderful curried butternut squash soup with curry powder, apples, and apple cider. It is delicious, and you can regulate the amount of curry you use. http://www.tastebook.com/recipes/1706756-Curried-Butternut-Squash-Soup I use apple cider in the place of apple juice.
drbabs November 25, 2014
How about Apple cider?
CanadaDan November 25, 2014
Sage! Goes with squash amazingly. But yeah ginger would be nice too.
Merrill S. November 25, 2014
I think a splash of sherry (or something similar) is a great addition to butternut squash soup. Ginger is also nice. Also, make sure you've salted it enough -- that will help to bring out the other flavors.
mpm6228 November 25, 2014
I like fresh ginger and some curry-like spices....and a good dose of freshly ground pepper.
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