Need a cheat for a food mill.

I am making a tomato sauce that calls for a food mill. I don't have one. Does anyone know of an easy cheat?

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mrslarkin November 30, 2014
Oh! I remembered one more trick....if using fresh tomatoes, put them in the freezer. When they thaw out, the skins will slip right off. But being that its almost December, I'm not so sure you've got fresh ones. :)
Susan W. November 30, 2014
I used my food processor this summer on 25 lbs of tomatoes. I couldn't bear to spend the time peeling and de-seeding.
I fire roasted half and processed and then froze them all. I've used them to make Marcella's tomato sauce and a big batch if Frances Lam's ratatouille which requires reducing processed tomatoes, onions and garlic down to almost a jam. I never find skin and the seeds and the gelatin that surrounds them adds to the flavor and texture.

I am too lazy to do the blanch and peel or the food mill technique, so I am pleased to find that at least for me, it's not necessary.
ktr November 30, 2014
I make tomato sauce and throw my chief tomatoes in the blender with the peels on. It makes the sauce a little thicker but it is much easier than peeling tomatoes.
Pegeen November 30, 2014
Doh. I just realized: why not just used peeled, diced tomatoes?
Greenstuff November 30, 2014
I made roasted tomato sauce all fall, using my food mill, strainers, a whole bunch of other options. I think my favorite was to encase them in a "sack" made from several layers of cheesecloth, then massaging and twisting away until all the sauce was extruded and I was left with a firm little ball of tomato innards encased in cheesecloth.
Pegeen November 30, 2014
Pulverize your tomatoes in a food processor, or with a scissors, or just squeezing them with your hands in a bowl. Then press the ground tomatoes through a strainer, ideally a fine mesh strainer, using the back of a wooden spoon or the pestle (grinder) from a mortar and pestle set, to press the tomatoes through the sieve. Or a wooden cylinder potato masher (though I don't seem them around much anymore). Stop every so often to scrape the skins off the inside of the strainer so the juice can get through.
cecil C. November 30, 2014
how about a potato masher or an immersion blender to smoosh them? won't get the seeds out but you can pass them through a mesh strainer for that.
mrslarkin November 30, 2014
Dont know. I'd just crush them any way possible. What's a little extra fiber?
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