what to do with non-stiffening egg whites?

I've given up on this batch for meringues. They were from a box, and now i'm just annoyed and don't want to waste the sugar/whites. Can I do anything with 1/2 cup whites and 1 cup sugar, whipped but not at all structured? Some kind of cake?



bigpan December 14, 2014
Good idea - the nuts; but, you also pour into a cocktail shaker with some vodka, shake well (with ice of course) and serve in a martini glass.
If nothing else you will feel better about the whole thing after two drinks !

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chez_mere December 13, 2014
Make a big batch of candied nuts, like the walnuts with sage on this site. Or make up your own version by mixing the sugary egg whites with a raw nut of your choice, some spices (maybe cayenne and paprika, or rosemary and orange zest) and bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Raquelita December 13, 2014
thanks! I managed to get enough structure to get them into blobs, but I am sure this answer will be useful for another frustrated cook very soon
ChezHenry December 13, 2014
Dont you hate it, when even after a good beating, you just cant convince something to go your way? :)
Susan W. December 13, 2014
More of a summer idea, but Orange Julias comes to mind. There are copycat recipes out there that call for one eggwhite per each smoothie.
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