Le Creuset grill pan… What am I doing wrong?

I have been using my Le Creuset Dutch ovens and cast iron pans for over a decade and half, and have nothing but praise, admiration and utmost devotion for the brand. I cook almost everything in my Le Creusets. Last year I bought the square grill pan (and a panini press that goes with it), and the thing just does not work for me. Food sticks to it. Plus it is difficult to clean. Has anyone had similar experience? What do you recommend? What do you cook in your grill pan? Any tips, suggestions, recommendations are greatly appreciated.



Daniel F. February 24, 2023
I have many Lodge cast iron pans & have cooked almost exclusively with cast iron for the last 25 years, so I have a good knowledge of cast iron cooking. The only pan I got rid of was my oversized, well seaoned Costco Lodge grill pan, it was such a chore to clean after grilling meat, it just wasn`t worth it. The only practical use I have found for a cast iron grill pan is grilling bread for bruschetta, or grilling sandwiches.
pm April 3, 2018
Heat the pan on medium heat for 10 minutes. Use a silicone brush to brush it with the highest heat oil that you own so that the whole pan has a thin coat of oil. Then quickly add what you want to grill. I've cooked meat and even large rectangles of tofu without anything sticking too much. I use grapeseed oil, which smokes a little, but seems to work for me.
Carri November 15, 2017
I've had a Le Creuset grill pan for about 4 years and yes, at first the food stuck to it so bad that it was a nightmare to clean. So the more I used it, I made sure I really oiled it well; got the oil all in the groves with a silicon vegetable brush and it seems to be a lot better now. It cleans much easier than before. Maybe it needed that extra seasoning and usage?
EmFraiche January 26, 2015
I've had good success making pressed sandwiches with my Le Creuset grill pan, but I agree, it is so hard to clean! I don't use it very often for that reason.

I believe, since it is enameled cast iron, that you can be more liberal in cleaning it than you would wiht regular cast iron (I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong here). I let it simmer with an inch of water for 10 or 15 minutes on the stove and then scrub it gently with a plastic or natural fiber scrub brush. It's not easy work for sure!
healthierkitchen January 26, 2015
In fact, I'm not even really clear on whether it's supposed to be preseasoned?
healthierkitchen January 26, 2015
Same! Kind of glad to know that it's not just me!
Summer O. January 26, 2015
I have had the same problem with mine as well and switched to Lodge griddle, which is equally a mess. I remember I used to put water in my grill pan and boil it to help loosen some of the debris. And I think Pierino once advised me here on the hotline on a seriously burned pan issue to use vinegar? It smells like hell but works.
Smaug April 3, 2018
A strong baking soda solution works at least as well and doesn't smell.
Tasha January 26, 2015
I have a cast iron grill pan and we seasoned the hell out of it over a few days. It works amazingly. Although it isn't a Le Creuset. Perhaps they just didn't create it correctly. Maybe contact the company. They may have heard a few other complaints in regard to this problem.
Pegeen January 26, 2015
I've had a non-stick All Clad grill pan for many years that works like a charm. Wondering if the LeCreuset problem is just the physics of angled ridges not being able to hold grease or oil as well as a flat surface. Maybe oiling the pan first, or ensuring that the meat is well-marinaded? Does Le Creuset's web site or customer service group offer any advice?
Pegeen January 26, 2015
Corrections to my post above: "...the physics of ENAMELED angled ridges, UNLIKE A NON-STICK GRILL PAN, not being able to hold grease or oil as well as a flat surface."
SallyM January 26, 2015
I have one too...annoying!
kimhw January 25, 2015
I have had mine for nearly two years and I haven't touched it in over 18 months because of everything you said. Uneven cooking, sticking, hard to clean. I just don't understand why because I have 10 other le crueset that I can't imagine my cooking life without.
Lynette January 26, 2015
It's terrible, and I have no idea why. I take care of all my cookware, but that pan has brought me nothing but grief!
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