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Hi Food52ers! I'm really excited to register and just thought I'd see if the community has any recommendations for products/brands, anything you received that you loved, or something most couples wouldn't obviously think of (doesn't have to be strictly cooking related). My very preliminary wish list consists of:

Cast iron skillet (Lodge or Staub? Why such a huge price discrepancy?)
Le Creuset dutch oven, braiser, and grill pan
Food processor (mine burned out 2 days ago!)
Kitchen scale
Meat, oven, and candy thermometers
6 qt slow cooker
Roasting rack and roast pan

Any other tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  • Posted by: GourMel
  • April 16, 2015


Summer O. April 23, 2015
I received Le Creuset cookware for my wedding and 13 years later it's still what I use everyday. I did not register for a KitchenAid stand mixer and that was a mistake. I thought it was an unnecessary giant appliance. Now that I have one, I get it. While I don't cook with these - the china, formal flatware and Nambe serving pieces I received I am truly grateful to have. Many of these are items I could not have afforded on my own and certainly not for 12 settings and it's a real treat to be able to set a beautiful table for special occasions. Chef June is right register for any and everything at various price points. You'd be surprised at what shows up on your door step.
TheFritschKitchen April 22, 2015
Don't know if this exists in the thread somewhere, but wanted to add this:

Lodge is just fine for a cast iron skillet! Mine is about 6 years old now and still beautiful. Ditto lodge for a grill pan (as opposed to Le Creuset)

That being said, I have to suggest Staub over Le Creuset for your braiser and your dutch oven. My MIL bought me a 6 qt Stuab dutch oven and a 3 qt Staub braiser (I am a very lucky daughter in law). They are superiour quality to my sister's Le Creusets. The handles are metal, so you don't need to worry about putting it in the oven (I still cannot understand why Le Creuset would have plastic handles... it makes no sense!) And the dutch oven lid is brilliant with the little spikes to help to steam/juices drip directly back onto whatever you are cooking. I just my braiser for just about everything too. I cannot speak highly enough for Staub (and I think for those 2 items, the price difference is definitely worth it).

Make sure you also get good knives! (I recommend Victorinox) And a knife sharpener

A nice tray is something my husband and I have used fairly regularly from our wedding registry, platters for serving food (received a few from Crate and Barrel that I loved). A large bowl for salads and other sides. Waffle maker (if you don't have one/love waffles).

One last piece of advice (so sorry if this is rambling): I would sign up for a trial of America's Test Kitchen's website (just make sure to cancel before they start charging you!). They have FANTASTIC equipment reviews for everything from slow cookers to knives and kitchen thermometers. They really beat up everything they try and I have found their recommendations to be spot on. I think the free trial is 2 weeks long, so sign up and research what brands to put on your registry. My sister-in-law taught me that trick and it was great.

Hope that helps: I got married 2 years ago and had the same exact questions!
GourMel April 22, 2015
That's really interested about Staub vs. Le Creuset. I had no idea their handles were plastic. Seems strange. Also great tip on America's Test Kitchen! I didn't even know they did free trials but I will get on that ASAP, thank you!
ktr April 23, 2015
A knife sharpener is a great suggestion. We have a fairly cheap set of knives but a good electric knife sharpener and because it is so easy to keep them sharp I've never had an issue with them. In fact, I was about to toss a super cheap knife I have the other day because it was so dull and driving me crazy. Then I remembered to sharpen it and I use it all the time now.
creamtea April 20, 2015
It's important to register for a mix of practical ware as well as pretty tableware, and to consider whether certain of the latter might go out of production (which happened with my silverplate) and what style of entertaining you prefer. You can also register for linens; if you have an expandable table you will need several sizes.
Laura C. April 20, 2015
Hi Gourmel, I work for Lodge Cast Iron, and I'd definitely recommend a Lodge Cast Iron skillet! (I may be a little biased ;) I wanted to address your question of the price difference, as well. Lodge is a family-owned cookware company, and we make all our seasoned cast iron in the USA (in a tiny town in Tennessee, where we've been since 1896!). Staub is more expensive for two reasons: it's imported from Europe (cast iron is expensive to ship overseas!), and it's also enameled cast iron, as opposed to seasoned cast iron. The May/June issues of Cooks Illustrated has a great comparison of enameled cast iron & seasoned cast iron, if you'd like more info & an unbiased review. Hope this helps, and congratulations on your marriage!
foofaraw April 20, 2015
Since you mentioned Staub, what do you think about Staub vs. Le Creuset dutch oven? I once read in another registry recommendation thread that a chef prefer Staub more than Le Creuset, but I never use any of them.
GourMel April 20, 2015
Thank you so much for that! I'm really excited for my cast iron skillet and I think with a Le Creuset braiser, there's really no need for an additional enameled cast iron skillet so Lodge it is! :)
Garlic F. April 18, 2015
Extra set of bowls and attachments (paddle, whisk, etc) for the Kitchenaid mixer! Best wedding gift ever!
GourMel April 20, 2015
So excited! I feel like a Kitchenaid is a rite of passage!
scruz April 18, 2015
things in my kitchen that i love and use everyday that can be found for a reasonable price are real 100% cotton kitchen towels (that can be bleached when soiled), kitchen mitts, small glass jars in which to buy spices in bulk and put them into and lastly, my immersion blender (i don't use it too frequently but love it when i need it).
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 18, 2015
A food saver would be great to have. I also love low and high salad bowls. Baking sheets, too. Thermapen!
ktr April 18, 2015
Great suggestion! I'd recommend that if you area going to use it a fair amount, going for a really good quality one. We burned through 2 cheap ones in 2 years and hand had much better luck with a fight grade one that is designed for more frequent use.
Pegeen April 18, 2015
I don't see anything wrong with providing a check, or a gift card for a store you know the couple is registered for. If it's a check, it would be lovely if it came in an envelope with a special note, explaining that you hope it will help with the items they'd like to have for their home.

Our immediate family has a tradition of giving crystal to a family member who's getting married. Usually 2 champagne glasses. I like commemorating the ceremony with crystal, and gifting something they will not likely buy themselves. We have a large family, so if a few of us do two glasses each, then there will be plenty of champagne flutes for special events like babies, family milestones, etc. And if they want to use them for orange juice, that's fine with me too.
ktr April 18, 2015
We registered for and received a food dehydrator and a pressure canner and canning supplies. Also, don't be afraid to register at more unconventional places - for instance we registered at Cabelas and we got a lot of things from there because the men invited liked it. Also, we registered for camping supplies and things for our dogs that we wanted but would not have been able to buy for awhile and again, people loved the different options and we got quite a few things for camping, camp cooking, and our dogs. So, overall, I'd say just register for everything you want even if it isn't a normal wedding registry item and you may be surprised when you get it on your wedding day!
Kristen W. April 18, 2015
Some of the difficulty with etiquette is that the norms change over time and, as has been pointed out, can vary substantially from region to region. Weddings are so individualized nowadays, and couples run the gamut from funky and whimsical to elegant and luxe, so it's hard to assume any hard and fast rules about wedding gift etiquette. I always try to ask the bride for her preferences (if they are not spelled out in the invitation, which they sometimes are) - I figure I can't go wrong that way. Anyhow, to the bride in this case, a hearty congratulations - I hope you get what you want in exactly the form(s) that you want it to come in! So many great suggestions above -- I myself am totally inspired by them!
GourMel April 20, 2015
Thank you so much! :)
Pegeen April 17, 2015
p.s. Gift cards, especially if you and your partner are moving into a new home and need a wide variety of items. But if someone gives you a gift card, it's even more critical to write a thank you note to let them know how you redeemed it. (You'll have to keep track on your phone or in a note book stashed in your purse.)
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
Yes, Pegeen, I was just thinking about that. Whenever we can't attend a wedding in a faraway city, we always ask a parent of one of the couple whether they are working on any projects, or are re-decorating, and if so, where is the best place to get them a gift certificate. Many to-be-marrieds are decorating or making improvements to their places, so a generous gift certificate to an appropriate store can be a godsend for them. Of course, I also send an elegant pitcher. ;o)
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 17, 2015
I would rather give a check most common in NY) instead of a gift card.
keg72 April 17, 2015
sexyLAMBCHOPx, for a wedding (as opposed to showers/engagement parties) I totally agree.
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
In many circles, giving a check is considered in very poor taste. I'd be careful. ;o)

Voted the Best Reply!

keg72 April 17, 2015
Could be true AntoniaJames, but in other circles it's odd to do anything other than a check at the wedding.
Meaghan F. April 18, 2015
Keg & AJ - I'm surprised to hear there's a controversy surrounding checks at the wedding; we had lots left on our registry but 99% of our guests gave us checks on the big day (4yrs next month! :) ) It was the same for all my friends' weddings. Obviously not appropriate at the shower though - that's definitely for gifts. Is the disconnect regional? Generational?
Pegeen April 17, 2015
This is a fun question because everyone goes bananas thinking about what they'd like to have. However, it would really help to know what size kitchen / home you'll have. I'd like to recommend the set of 14 pyrex nesting mixing bowls but wouldn't do that if you say you don't have room for things like that. Congratulations!
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
Size of kitchen is important. Great point, Pegeen. ;o)
GourMel April 20, 2015
Right now it's a small kitchen in my studio apartment but hopefully we'll outgrow soon after we're married. In the meantime I'm hoping my in-laws to be may offer some storage space in their house.
Lauren K. April 17, 2015
I love how many amazing responses you've gotten from the community—fantastic! I wanted to chime in and let you know we're actively working on a wedding registry option for the Food52 shop, and it should launch sometime this summer.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about products we carry in our shop, I'd be glad to connect with you directly—just drop me a note at [email protected] and we can talk about products that help round out a new kitchen and what we find turn into heirlooms that you'll use time and again.

Congratulations again!
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
You need an elegant glass pitcher with a handle in your product offerings. What you do have are nice, but so impractical for parties or any other setting involving older guests or children. ;o)
keg72 April 17, 2015
When we registered at Bloomingdales, the very experienced salesperson who assisted us was funny. She said that registering/gift giving is like a game: "Most guests come in with a price point in mind and want to spend it -- and that's their focus more than the specific item they buy." So, for that reason, she encouraged us to not be afraid to register for loads of things, even if we had to return them in the end, and to register for items across all price points -- pointing out that even if we didn't, in the end, want everything that we'd registered for, we could always make returns and use the credit in the future. We followed that advice, and it definitely worked well for us.

Also important is to consider where you'll register. Choose places that you're guests will feel comfortable shopping AND where you'd be happy to have a credit if you make returns. I'm in NY, and a friend told me that whether or not we registered at Tiffany, some of our guests were going to get us gifts from there simply because a lot of people like shopping there -- so rather than getting things that we didn't want, we went ahead and registered there for things that we did want. Similarly, registering at a department store would enable you to use any credits for anything at all -- even luggage or clothes or make up.

I think the other responders have touched on most of the things you'll want, but something that no one told me, but I've realized over the years, is that having simpler glass and/or white dishes (and serving dishes) is great because (a) you can accessorize your table with great -- and inexpensive -- colored items like napkins, napkin holders, tablecloths and even glasses and (b) that let's the food really shine.

Most importantly -- congratulations, and enjoy this wonderful time in your life!
GourMel April 17, 2015
Thank you so much! :)
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
The prettiest pitcher we received, which remains my favorite after all these years, came from Tiffany's. (We did not register there. An old family friend, we learned, bought wedding gifts only from Tiffany's -- and we're very glad that she did.) ;o)
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
keg72, I guess the Bloomingdale's staff has different standards than some of us. Returning a gift that's been selected from a registry list is in such poor taste. ;o)
foofaraw April 17, 2015
In addition to other answers, I used salad spinner (Progressive Intl) and Corelle everyday dining set that we got from the wedding almost everyday. A couple of items that I wished I listed for registry: 4-in-1 cake stand/chips&dips platter/salad bowl (I am still eyeing the Godinger one), a nice bundt pan, gardening equipments if you plan to have a backyard, serving flatware, pitcher, water filter (we like Pur), cordless drill tool (for me=D)/home improvement tools that you lack of, a nice thermostat (even if you live in the apartment, you can use yours while you live there and take it back afterwards), and convection microwave (not convection oven).
GourMel April 17, 2015
Thank you all so much for the wonderful ideas! Can't wait to get started!
Meaghan F. April 17, 2015
I definitely agree with Stephanie regarding multiple price points... People may end up splitting an expensive gift, or tacking on small items if they're able to find a moderately-priced gift on sale.

Consider upgrades of the things you use everyday - e.g. the pepper mill mentioned above, an olive oil cruet, hand-held juicer if you're a citrus addict. Avoid specialty tools like strawberry hullers unless it's the kind of thing you'd reach for at least once a week. Don't overlook cleaning tools; a new trash can, vacuum, or dish drainer may not make the most elegant gifts, but boy oh boy will you appreciate them!! (Especially the trash can - a good one, like from Simple Human, will make it impossible to go back to the basic ones, but they are NOT cheap.) A few other random ideas: a fancy new shower head (again, not too elegant but something that will improve your day-to-day), an pretty "entertaining" apron for when company's over, grill tools if that applies to you, matching padded or wooden hangers, luxurious blankets.
Nancy April 17, 2015
Many good ideas here. Just two comments.
don't be put off lodge because its price point is low. Both their classic multi-use pans (e.g. 12 inch frypan) and specialty item (e.g.corn bread pan that bakes in shape of corn ears) last forever and do what they promise.
I see no cutting boards or carving boards here. You might want to investigate and choose a couple, based on sustainable wood, durability, food safety (separating meat from other chopping), your taste in color or design.
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
Lodge's combo Dutch oven - the lid can be used as a skillet -- is essential for making great artisanal cobs/boules. Love, love, love it. ;o)
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 16, 2015
It's been 11 years since I registered & received gifts but here are some of the items that I still use everyday:

My everyday dinnerware ( Wedgewood Nantucket Basket in White) and coordinating pieces. Dishwasher safe, substantial and looks great.
My everyday flatware. 12 settings with serving sets. 18/10 European style. Dishwasher safe, substantial and looks great.
A Conair or Rowenta Full Size Garment Steamer (Just rec'd one from my MIL for the holidays and its amazing. I HATE to iron.
A top quality Dustbuster kinda thing. Use the mofo everyday.
My All Clad 2 or 3 qt stainless steel saute. My workhorse. Wish D5 was around.
Good quality Turkish bath towels, hand towels bath mats. I wish owned stick in Restoration Hardware's towels. They still look & feel new.
Everday drinkware. I registered gor Highballs & low's - Edward glasses, they still have them. Simon Piece ice tea glasses, wine glasses, irish coffee glasses. Dishwasher safe, substantial and looks great. Hmm, seems to be a theme with me but hand-washing sucks.
Nice Chargers for your dinnerware. It makes a weekday meal, small dinner party look that much special even if you're serving spaghetti. I have some thick, round brown corded? ones.
Will you setting up home in an apt. or house? How do you entertain/party?
creamtea April 17, 2015
I'm with you slx, I love my Wedgwood Nantucket Basket dishes. Including the beautiful tea pot, which is a good size for company.
To my previous suggestion, I would add wine glasses, flatwear, vases. 12 settings may seem like a lot now, but as your friends and family grows, that number and perhaps more will be needed and used!
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
I'm totally with you on the Restoration Hardware bathroom linens, SLC. And they come in some truly gorgeous colors (and ones that go perfectly with my other colors). Some of the bed linens are stunning, too, and also lovely quality. ;o)
charmbakes April 16, 2015
Before I ever learned that I had any interest in cooking, we received a beautiful pepper mill/grinder. Over twenty years later, we still reach for it every day (and remember the family who gave it).
ChefJune April 16, 2015
Back when I was a wedding planner, I always advised my brides to register for absolutely everything on their wish lists, no matter how outlandish they thought it might be. You never know what your family and friends will gift you, and if they don't know you want it, it's a cinch they can't consider it. So plumb the depths of your desires, and put them all down. You may not receive everything, but I can almost guarantee you will get a few really wonderful surprises.

If you lilke tod rink and serve wine, I suggest you ask for some really nice wine glasses..... Riedel or comparable -- and a couple of decanters. Wine accessories are nice, too.
Bevi April 16, 2015
Happy Day! I would get pasta attachments for your Kitchen Aid. Stainless steel half sheet pans and a cooling rack that fits right inside the half sheet pan for cooling cakes, drizzling cookies and cupcakes, and other jobs. I love a bowl that has a pouring lip for batters. A gravy boat. Small soufflé dishes for crumbles, puddings, and brûlées. An electric coffee bean grinder. A deviled egg platter. Ironstone platters and bowls. These are a few of my favorite things.
cookinginvictoria April 16, 2015
Congrats! Definitely ask for a Kitchen Aid mixer. I received one for my wedding almost twenty years ago and it is still going strong. Consider asking too for some of the accessories, such as the pasta roller, food grinder, and ice cream maker.

How are you set for making coffee? Maybe ask for a really nice appliance (i.e., Nespresso, fancy French Press or excellent quality drip coffeemaker) and a burr coffee grinder. Beautiful looking teapots are also lovely to have. I really like mine with a removable infuser for loose tea. We also love our electric tea kettle.

I agree with Abbie that high quality baking tools that you don't have yet are great to include on a registry. In addition to Abbie's list, I'd add a nice rolling pin (Food52 shop has some lovely oones), a pizza stone and paddle, a tube cake pan, and a springform pan. For general cooking, I would think about asking for really good knives. I also recently splurged on the Le Crueset cast iron gratin pan, which is fantastic. I use it at least once a week for roasted vegetables, gratins, macaroni and cheese. It goes from the stove to the table looks great.

Also, I would include the titles of some really great cookbooks that have stood the test of time!
creamtea April 16, 2015
When I got married, my mother said, "make sure you register for pitchers!!" Handblown glass, silverplate, crystal, rustic pottery, whatever is your style. I have several that I love; it's so much more civilized than putting bottles of things out on the table for guests. I just bought a beautiful one for someone as a wedding gift. Wish I could keep it...
Stephanie April 16, 2015
I'm a fan of the cast iron grill/griddle pans (the ones that flip...grill on one side and griddle on the other) I don't even know what brand I have, nothing fancy but highly usable.
Glass pyrex dishes. I love that they are oven/microwave/dishwasher safe.
Stainless steel mixing bowls - you can never have enough.
Placemats and a matching set of cute kitchen towels.
In the vein of what AntoniaJames said...I'd suggest adding anything you have been tempted to buy or that you want but would never spend the money on (either too expensive or too frivolous). I think it's nice for guests to have an assortment of price points.
AntoniaJames April 17, 2015
Also, some old-fashioned people like me just really enjoy buying elegant, last-a-lifetime, game-raising items like the ones I suggested above. (If those aren't on a couple's registry list, I buy them something on the list + a crystal pitcher, and then send them a matching vase for their first anniversary.) For bridal showers, I often buy a beautiful glass pitcher, and then buy one or more smallish (in size) items on the registry, which I put in the pitcher. People just love, love, love that. ;o)
aargersi April 16, 2015
Congratulations! I have Lodge cast iron in 4 sizes and I love them and use them all. I keep all of my dry goods (flours, beans, grains etc) in those OXO pop-top deals and label them with wet erase (contents, wet to dry ratio and cook time) so maybe a couple sets of those? Little containers for bulk spices are nice too. How are you set for bakeware? Removeable bottom tart pans, a nice pie plate, the pie box from the Food52 store :-) are all good to have, along with baking sheets and cooling racks, oh and a good non-stick bundt pan. All sizes of measuring cups, I have plastic and pyrex which is nice depending how you are using them. Stackable mixing bowls. Um ... I will think of more!
AntoniaJames April 16, 2015
Crystal and elegant glass water pitchers, and 2 or 3 matching or coordinating vases in different sizes and shapes. ;o)
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