cooking rice for 4 hours?

Last month I was in Tampa and had dinner at the Columbian restaurant. The server said they cooked the rice up to 4 hours and used real butter. Figuring out what he was talking about has been puzzling me because it seems that cooking for that long would create mush. Any ideas what he was talking about? Low and slow?

Fat Tony


Maedl February 2, 2015
If you cook rice at a low temperature, i.e. 250 or 275 F., I think you could cook it for four hours. I have a recipe for farro pudding that I bake for four hours. Sometimes I use brown rice, sometimes farro, but the pudding is always scrumptious. It is pudding, though, not like a typical cooked rice.
Bea February 1, 2015
There is a Columbian rice dish called Good Rice. Google it, it's the best rice ever.
Marius February 1, 2015
Perhaps they were cooking the rice in a slow cooker. im not sure but i think i read somewhere that you could do that
Susan W. January 31, 2015
I've never heard of rice cooking for 4 hours. I wonder if the server wasn't paying attention when the chef was going over the menu. It will be interesting to see if someone is familiar with that method.
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