How do we slow down cooking a 25 lb turkey that has been cooking for four hours?

Do we lower the heat? How low?

Gary Wolfman


aargersi November 26, 2015
What is it on right now and how far ahead of schedule are you? The turkey can take a long rest, up to an hour, and be totally fine. But normally you'll want to roast at 325, yours is likely a 4-5 hour turkey. If it's going way to fast try 300 degrees, and then maybe a heeat blast at the end to crisp the skin.
Sarah J. November 26, 2015
I agree with Abbie!
Sarah J. November 26, 2015
Hi Gary,

What temp are you cooking the bird at? You should definitely turn down the heat to slow down cooking. Our temp + time + weight guide is here:

You could also finish the turkey ahead of time and then refer to Ina's advice:
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