kitchen-aid meat grinder hopper has oxidized! What can I do???

Looking back Kitchen-aid said that most parts are dishwasher safe. When grinding meat I feel that it is so important that everything be so clean so I've put all the pieces in the dishwasher. I LOVE this piece but now what to do....I've been wiping and wiping and the gray dust/slime keeps coming. ugh



bamcnamara February 5, 2015
THANK YOU!!!!!!! Great thread!
Gleaner February 5, 2015
Chowhound has a similar thread and one recommendation was for cream of tartar
bamcnamara February 5, 2015
There is another grinder that I found online from Smokehouse that is all stainless steel. Its $169. I've been doing a bit of research and the artisan mixer (which I have) does not have the horsepower to grind a whole deer-----but I only do a few pounds once or twice a week!!! but it would be nice if kitchen-Aid made their pieces in stainless. The gray schmooze is disgusting. I'm assuming these pieces would also oxidize with bleach. Ugh!!!!
ktr February 5, 2015
We have the cheapest meat grinder Cabela's makes and have processed many deer with it over the years and have never had any problems with oxidation. Even with it being a cheaper model, we've never had any problems with the amount of power it has either. I don't remember what we paid for ours but that sounds like a good deal to me.
bamcnamara February 5, 2015
Mine has been soaking in vinegar all morning. Oxidation is coming off but there does not seem to be an end in site...wiping and wiping and wiping..Vinegar wasn't better than soap and water :(
keg72 February 5, 2015
Two different thoughts . . . . Can you grind some soft bread (like packaged sliced sandwich bread) through it? It might do a good job taking the grease away. Another thought, there's a cleaning product called Bar Keeper's Friend that is very good at stubborn cleaning products. Presuming that the metal in your meat grinder is appropriate for the product, you might give that a shot. You might be able to figure that out here: Good luck!
SKK February 4, 2015
Soak it in vinegar, and wipe off. That gets rid of the oxidation.
QueenSashy February 5, 2015
SKK, does it get rid of oxidation forever? I have the same problem as bamcnamara, but with the flat beater and dough hook on my Kitchen Aid mixer... BTW, Bar Keeper's Friend does not help - the oxidation keeps on coming back.
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