sanitizing meat grinder parts

What is your method? My Kitchen Aid meat grinder attachment, for the most part, comes apart and the pieces are easily cleaned. The only exception is the main housing where the auger is inserted and the meat is funneled through. That part takes some clever finger reaching and vigorous shaking with water to dislodge any food parts.

Anyway, after doing my best to clean with dish soap, I do a soak in hot water with about a tbsp of bleach to kill any bacteria. Is there a better way? do you guys know of any food grade sanitizing solutions that you like to use?

  • Posted by: Benny
  • October 16, 2012


Dee March 5, 2019
I hope you have found that the auger is removable from the housing. I know they package it together but a gentle tap from the end that hooks into the mixer is necessary to completely disassemble it to get it clean and sanitized before you use it again.
ChefOno October 16, 2012

Two words then: Bottle brush

Sadassa_Ulna October 16, 2012
I'm not sure what the KA attachment looks like, but to clean my manual meat grinder I use a cheap toothbrush and dish liquid plus lots of scalding hot water.
SKK October 16, 2012
18 years with my KitchenAid meat grinder going into the dishwasher. Same as ChefOno, no problems.
Benny October 16, 2012
No dishwasher in the house. I do all dishes by hand :(
ChefOno October 16, 2012

KitchenAid says their grinder, excluding the plates and blade, is dishwasher safe. Running hot water seems to do a fine job of dislodging visible residue and then into the dishwasher it goes (including the plates and blade). Many years, no problems.

A note about sanitizing: There are a number of brands of chlorine bleach containing less than the standard 6% sodium hypochlorite. That marketing gimmick presents a hazardous situation for our purposes so beware.

1 Tbs. / quart @ 6%

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