Is it possible to use half-and-half to make whipped cream?

Susan Karcz


Pegeen February 8, 2015
Yes. But you have to make sure your beaters and bowl are very freezer-cold. And that the half-and half is very refrigerator cold. It will take longer to whip than heavy cream. If you plan to beat it by hand, your arm will fall off. :-)
Risa February 8, 2015
I don't think it will work or you'd have to whip for an extremely long time and have a lot of run off.
Vogue126 February 8, 2015
I have tried it. It's not quite the same texture. It was a little runny as if it was whipped cream sitting out at room temperature for a while. You may have better luck than I did.
Susan K. February 8, 2015
Thanks! I figured as much, but you never know.
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