Where can I find fenugreek seeds? I am in Los Angeles. I was given a present some years ago of Madhur Jaffrey's curry book, it's a book I have rarely been able to make a recipe from as there is always at least one item in the recipe that I can't find, this time it's fenugreek seed. I even discovered a lovely spice shop in Santa Monica they have ground fenugreek not the seeds.



RobertaJ December 30, 2010
Artesia/Cerritos is known for it's Indian markets. Some areas in the South Bay (Torrance) as well. I'd think you'd be able to Google "Indian markets Los Angeles" and find a million hits. I actually think I got my fenugreek seeds at Pavilions, but I also agree Whole Foods should have them.
pierino December 29, 2010
As Jestei suggests, Surfas in Culver City. Washington at National, not far from the old Helms Bakery Building. Surfas for those not familiar is part restaurant supply and part gourmet store. You may have to buy certain ingredients in outsized quantities but hey, it's really good stuff. You can also order from them on line.
casadelmonte December 29, 2010
I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your help with this and how supportive this community is, many thanks all
latoscana December 29, 2010
Perhaps the spice shop you found in Santa Monica is the Penzey's store there (http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzeys/penzeysstores.html) - I don't see fenugreek seed on their website so maybe they just don't carry the seeds. However, Savory Spice Shop does: http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/spices/fenusd.html.

Another strategy would be to go to markets that serve LA's Indian and South Asian population. Here's a list of some of these grocers in LA: http://www.laindia.us/grocery-stores.html. You might even find some great ideas for preparing these dishes.
testkitchenette December 29, 2010
I buy mine at a local health food store that sells loose/bulk Frontier brand herbs and spices (I am in NY); you may want to look there or check online at Penzeys.com I love Madhur Jaffrey...her recipes are great!
Jestei December 29, 2010
you can get them at surfas for sure
Kayb December 29, 2010
I got mine at Fresh Market. Whole Foods should also have them.
aargersi December 29, 2010
Oooh fenugreek yum - I just got a bunch. We just got one of these here but you can order online:


also a great online source:


have fun!
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