Help! I lost my recipe for pumpkin seed crusted chicken!

Several years ago I had a recipe for pumpkin seed crusted chicken and my family loved it but now I can't find it. You toasted the pumpkin seed meats in coconut oil, I think, then ground them in a food processor, combined them with other spices, and coated chicken cutlets with them. Then you pan fried the cutlets in coconut oil. I just don't remember what other spices or ingredients there may have been and I have searched the Internet high and low for this recipe. Has anyone made this??

Mary Melissa Hammond


Stephanie June 9, 2016
And I just found these recipes that might get you even closer to the dish you know!
Mary M. June 9, 2016
Thank you! That first one sounds very close to what I remember! I am going to try that and swap out the olive oil for coconut oil. Thanks so much for your help, don't know why I couldn't find it. :)
Stephanie June 8, 2016
That sounds delicious! It seems like you have a pretty good base recipe to play around with. A few suggestions:

- I would suggest doing a traditional breading process: flour, egg, pumpkin seeds.
- Perhaps divide the pumpkin seeds and process half finely and half coarsely, so you have a textural variance.
- When I hear coconut oil and spices, my mind immediately goes to a variety of curry powders. Madras or traditional yellow would be really nice.
- The great thing about chicken though is that it's sort of a blank canvas for flavors, so perhaps chili powder and paprika, or whatever your favorite flavors are!
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