dessert hummus, your advice?

as the French say, in theory it sounded Ok. Make a dessert hummus, serve with digestive cookies, fruit etc. In practice, WashPo recipe of 2011 was a washout...flavors just didn't come together.

  • Posted by: Nancy
  • March 3, 2015


LeBec F. March 11, 2015
panfusine, you are a world of knowledge!! I must read the book you mentioned w/ regards to dulce de leche. But pan, i also want to ask about your use of the term 'dairy', as BUTTER is very much a dairy product. Yes? And isn't ghee, in fact, in almost every Indian dessert you can think of?
Panfusine March 11, 2015
You're absolutely right. Ghee is dairy . I was referring more to a comparison of the North Indian milk based vs. the coconut, jaggery and toasted bean(s) based South Indian ones. Ghee still is a unifying thread through all these.
LeBec F. March 13, 2015
PANFUSINE, wanted to make sure you knew about this one too:
Cumin, Camels, and Caravans: A Spice Odyssey Hardcover– April 7, 2014 by Gary Paul Nabhan
Angela March 10, 2015
We've made this before, and been very happy with it:
It's a good approximation of the flavor of cookie dough, with no eggs to worry anyone.
Nancy March 10, 2015
Thanks carlito and lebecfin for cookie dough & adzuki beans recommendations. I''ll keep them in mind for next sweet bean paste explorations.
LeBec F. March 10, 2015
nancy, India, Japan and China and Asian countries in general- are great with sweetened beans/dal of all kinds in desserts and sweet drinks. Such a strange world for Americans but I wish that weren't so! (If you want to REALLY get your eyebrows raised, check out the milions of cold freshly pre-made drinks in Vietnamese/Cambodian markets that are sugar syrup based with all kinds of beans, coconut threads, taro, fruits, seeds, seaweed , you name it!!) Adzuki beans, cooked down with water and then sugar added, makes Ahn (Adzuki bean paste) Readily found in cans, presweetened, or clear refrigerated pouches. It is used as a filling for mochi and rice cakes and sweet buns and tons of things. Cooked and pureed/mashed Adzuki beans have a smooth texture, not gritty or mealy.I guess i might compare their taste with kidney beans.

I saw that recipe you tried (there but for the grace of G.... go I) but I am not a fan of chickpeas so i didn't go there. The concept of the recipe struck me as kind of halvah-like, but then I realized halvah doesn't have chickpeas in it!) I say chuck it and start over with anything BUT chickpeas!! BTW, the powder that Panfusine is telling about-- the Japanese make a version of the very same thing but made with toasted soybeans. It is called Kinaku and is oten used as, for instance, a coating on mochi that has been filled with Anh. Delish!
Panfusine March 10, 2015
You nailed it Le Bec Fin. in fact most of the traditional desserts from South India utilized non dairy ingredients for desserts. Dairy based mithai (sweets) were more prevalent in the north and the chenna (milk protein) desserts that are a signature of Bengal may have actually been introduced tangentially via the portuguese who tried to create local cheese. The single exception of dairy from the south was 'dulce de Leche' known by different local names (its called 'theratti paal in my native Tamil). According to Rachel Laudan's book 'Cuisine & Empire' Dulce de leche made its way to SOuth America via the Catholic Missionary trade route from Goa (which straddles the border between west & South India).
Panfusine March 11, 2015
Ref. for the dulce de leche .. P. 196, Chapter 5 from Rachel Laudan's book. Its a great reference book.
carlito March 9, 2015
I have made a chickpea cookie dough type dip (using peanut butter not tahini, maple syrup and chocolate chips) It was pretty good. Soaking the chickpeas for an extra long time helped in consistency
ChefJune March 4, 2015
My question is why you would want to make a dessert hummus in the first place. There are so many delicious things to choose from already.
Nancy March 4, 2015
What can I say? I stumbled across a recipe with chocolate in hummus, had had success with one using peanut butter, and tried it. I was wrong :(
QueenSashy March 4, 2015
Nancy, I must say, I am so with ChefJune on this :) But I can see how it can be an interesting challenge to make a dessert hummus that can actually work... Without peanut butter. Nancy, if you are still up for the task, I think it is the idea of chocolate and beans that bothers me the most. I would get rid of the chocolate. One of the Middle Eastern delicacies I like a lot is sesame brittle -- essentially gently toasted sesame seeds covered in caramel. Somehow I think it would work as an ingredient in dessert hummus.
nancy E. March 10, 2015
I was thinking the same thing. In a world of amazing desserts, who would be happy with a dish of sweetened chickpeas.
Panfusine March 4, 2015
A great starting material for a sweet hummus would be the 'dalia dal variant of garbanzo that is available in the Indian grocery stores. Its basically the brown chickpeas toasted until the meat turns into a soft dry consistency that can be easy powdered into a soft flour almost like corn starch. Toasting it before hand adds a lovely nutty flavor, thenyou could add your sweetening agents (molasses and similar syrups pair well with it), and perhaps some fresh coconut and pistachio oil drizzled in.
Here's a link for what the dalia dal looks like
Nancy March 4, 2015
Thanks, panfusine. I''ll look for dalia dal next time I'm stocking up at Indian store.
PazzoNico March 4, 2015
I wonder if using red beans (adzuki) or red bean paste in place of chickpeas would work somehow....? Without the cream cheese..? Something to consider maybe...
Nancy March 4, 2015
PazzoNico, it's a long time since I ate red or adzuki beans. Please remind/tell me what taste or texture difference they might make?
Panfusine March 4, 2015
Adzuki beans are a great dessert ingredient.
Nancy March 4, 2015
second reply...thanks for idea to use adzukis
QueenSashy March 3, 2015
Sorry to be so brutally honest, but even in theory it raises some red flags. I wonder if there is a way to de-hummus it somehow. Did you use the recipe that called for peanut butter? Perhaps adding more peanut butter will just make it taste more like peanut butter and save the day?
Nancy March 3, 2015
QueenSashy, you're obviously right. But I was willing to try it because some other unlikely combos DO work. No, this one was made with tahini, not pb. I think the problem may be that there isn't enough contrast in the recipe. The beans, tahini, chocolate are all rich in their own ways & have nothing sharp to play off. BTW, I do regularly make Nigella's hummus with pb, which is a lovely (savory) variation on the regular.
hardlikearmour March 3, 2015
I think adding a strong flavor like cocoa powder to the party may be helpful. Maybe with some almond extract?
ChefJune March 3, 2015
I don't know about adding cocoa. I'm afraid it would end up looking like a pile of poo in the dish.
hardlikearmour March 3, 2015
Funny, but possibly true!
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