Salad dressing

For a rocket salad

  • Posted by: Allan
  • March 13, 2015


Abby A. March 13, 2015
By rocket salad, we are talking arugula only for greens , yes? If so, i second the olive oil, lemon, salt only - maybe may add a bit of shaved parmesan.
Nancy March 13, 2015
Allan, search here (the magnifying glass) using "arugula" in recipes, to find hundreds of dishes, many of them salads, for more ideas...dressing and other ingredients.
Regine March 13, 2015
Aliwaks March 13, 2015
Here's a bit less simple but still usper easy: Orange, lemon & grapefruit juice + Honey + Olive Oil + fleur de sel & fresh ground black pepper

Or GOOD Balsamic + Good Olive Oil + fleur de sel & fresh ground black pepper
Its all about the quality of the ingredients on that- also can add some crumbled gorgonzola
luvcookbooks March 13, 2015
Lemon juice, olive oil, and a little fleur de sel. :)) simple.
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