Cooking School/Classes in France

I'm going to be in France for a week in July. I would love to attend a cooking school or classes. (Anywhere in France is fine). I know the Hotline readers will come up with some great suggestions...Thank you in advance!

  • Posted by: SallyM
  • March 27, 2015


Liza's K. March 30, 2015
Ecole Lenotre is always a good choice:
Diana B. March 30, 2015
A couple of possibilities:
calendargirl March 29, 2015
Susan Herrmann Loomis is a wonderful teacher. She's an American who has lived for years outside Paris in a restored convent in the town of Louviers and teaches there as well as in Paris. She's a real gem!
See her website --http://
Pegeen March 27, 2015
Mimi Thorisson will be offering cooking classes in Medoc, France.
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