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I will be traveling for about six weeks in Italy and France. I'd love to take a (one-day, maybe two-day) cooking class here or there. Thoughts on cooking classes in: Rome? Perugia? Umbria (more broadly)? Sardinia? Provence? (In Provence, we'll be centered near Menerbes, but will have a car.)



Maedl April 26, 2015
This isn't quite a cooking class, but it is a food experience:
Pamela S. April 26, 2015
Hi Jennifer, I have my cooking school at Poggio Etrusco in Montepulciano. My emphasis is on traditional and regional Italian cooking. I've written several cookbooks on the subject. If you let me know where else in Italy you will be, I can make some other good recommendations for you. Pamela Sheldon Johns
ChefJune March 24, 2015
I will second Jess' suggestion of a class with the fabulously talented Lucy Vanel at Plum Lyon. It is worth planning a trip to Lyon for. In St. Rémy de Provence, Nito Carpita gives great classes at Seasons of Provence Cooking School (
Jess N. March 23, 2015
Hey Jennifer -- Lyon is considered the culinary capital of France... If you have time to make it down to the town of Paul Bocuse for a couple of days, it's absolutely beautiful and you'll LOVE taking a class at Plum Lyon Teaching Kitchen. That and a Proscuitto/Parmigiano-Reggiano/Balsamic Vinegar food tour in Bologna were my two favorite food experiences while traveling in those two countries. Hope this helps! - Jess
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