Can I freeze fruit in sugar before preserving?

I'm in the process of making some preserves. I've already combined my fruit, lemon juice, and sugar. Can I freeze it at this point without losing any integrity of the fruit, and process for jam at a later time?

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MrsWheelbarrow April 15, 2015
I've frozen fruit in sugar and lemon juice (I do this with peach slices. It's like a peachy popsicle in January.) I've never turned it into jam, but can't imagine why this would be a problem? Make sure to include any syrup/juice that collects after the fruit defrosts and use that in the jamming, too.
Break &. April 15, 2015
Thanks, Cathy. I agree with what you say. Totally makes sense. In theory, the sugar and lemon juice should help preserve the fruit during the freezing process and help prevent any large frozen crystals from forming.
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