Can anyone recommend the best Chicago deep dish pizza pan? Aluminized steel Non-Stick? Aluminum? I normally wouldn't get the non-stick, but aluminum sounds thin and flimsy. Thoughts?



RavensFeast January 4, 2011
Thanks all! You've convinced me that I do not need to buy yet another specialized contraption to make a good deep dish pizza. I already have everything I need.
lastnightsdinner January 2, 2011
We've had great luck using our cast iron skillet for deep dish pizza. My husband's recipe is here:
RobertaJ January 2, 2011
I use my round cake pans as well, and I've read a technique to use a spring-form pan which I'm going to try next. Grease it well, and you shouldn't need to worry about not having non-stick. If you're still concerned, I'd line the bottom with a round of parchment.
betteirene January 1, 2011
I use my regular round cake pans, which are heavy aluminum and are not non-stick. I've used glass pie plates, too.
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