Deep Dish Pizza

Any tips and tricks for Deep Dish Pizza at home? I'm a little bored with normal pizza; what's a good dough recipe for one crust, toppings, and cooking method for deep dish?



Sam1148 January 28, 2015
America's Test Kitchen did a show on Deep Dish Pizza.
The trick was to 'laminate' the dough with layers of butter.
keg72 January 28, 2015
Last night I made, for the first time, one of KAF's deep dish pizza recipes -- perhaps the one that HalfPint was eyeing. I can't say that it tasted exactly like Gino's or Malnatti's, but it was very good. And, it's definitely a nice change from, as you called it, "normal pizza." Here's a link:
boulangere June 8, 2013
Zachary's in Berkeley (CA) made the most divine deep-dish spinach pizza. Between the births of our son and daughter, I have extremely fond memories of our go-to Friday night dinner.
I have no idea if this helps you in a practical sense, but I have greatly enjoyed the idea of recreating it.
bigpan June 8, 2013
Sam - time for a trip to Chicago and chat with some pizza guys. I still prefer the thin crust - simply because I don't fill up so quickly and can eat more ! But your venture into the land of deep means you can load up with meat and cheese, then add some more ! Bon appetite
inpatskitchen June 8, 2013
Consider a "Detroit Style" pizza Sam...deep dish and the pepperoni goes on the dough followed by cheese and other toppings, a little more cheese and sauce on top. Here's a relatively recent article from the Detroit Free Press:
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 8, 2013
Hi Sam, did you check out Emerils recipe on FN:
pierino June 8, 2013
Sam, first of all good luck in your quest. But while I adore the city of Chicago I still can't get used to "deep dish" as it's more of a casserole than a pizza. It does have a little in common with the Italian "pizza rustica" which is traditional at Easter and includes a ton of eggs and ham.
ChefJune June 8, 2013
I have the recipe for the Original Uno's deep dish pizza. Have made it several times, and having grown up in Chicago, I can attest it's authentic. message me if you'd like that recipe. It's copyright, so I can't post it, but I can email it to you...
HalfPint June 7, 2013
Sam, King Arthur Flour website has a what looks to be a great recipe that I've been eyeing for the past couple of days ( it is hotter than hades right now so I can't even contemplate turning on the oven). And it sounds like the real deal Chicago-style deep dish pizza.
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