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Pita bread, sourdough recipe

Deborah Martin


boulangere May 24, 2015
What an interesting question, Debora Martin. Peter Reinhart was my Breads instructor in culinary school, and while I recall making pita breads in that class, I know they were not sourdough-based. I've made practically anything possible based on a sourdough barm (I did recipe testing for Chef Peter's The Bread Baker's Apprentice, and have a starter brewing as we speak for a marbled rye), but I have never used it for pitas. Interesting challenge, and I'll take you up on it. I'll let you know the results. Thank you for such a good idea.
Deborah M. May 24, 2015
I do have a sourdough pita recipe which is fairly good, I use the sourdough pizza recipe and add a bit of oil. I just thought someone might have a better answer. I will post my recipe when I have tidied it up. It uses sourdough plain flour, oil - mix and I can leave it in the fridge over night or indeed freeze when thawed I roll out and cook in the frypan on the stove top, they puff up. If I roll out very thin they become like a flat bread which you fill and roll up. There is a bit of rye in my sourdough
Windischgirl May 23, 2015
I suggest you start with ; lots of good information on sourdough baking for bakers at all levels, and there are good links to more websites.
My favorite baking books are Local Breads by Daniel Leader, Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman, any of the books by Peter Reinhard. Other names to look for are Chad Robertson, Josey Baker, Ken Forkish, Maggie Glezer.
PieceOfLayerCake May 23, 2015
I like all of those things too.
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