Sourdough starter recipe suggestions

I was gifted sourdough starter. Looking for a basic sourdough bread recipe. Thanks

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Etty October 13, 2020
I just started my “Beast” sourdough starter, and already thinking about the next delicious bread I am going to make but I am not sure how much of it can be used in 1kg flour.
I am new to this adventure and loving every moment 😊
Lesley J. October 13, 2020
I am new to using sourdough this year, and have been learning a lot on the internet. Google has been really useful to me. When I feed my starter, I use a scale and measure equal parts starter, flour, and water. The King Arthur web site is very helpful, and so is this web page from
Happy baking!
Etty October 13, 2020
Thank you Lesley I will take a look at this site.
Lesley J. October 11, 2020
This is the recipe that got me started making sourdough bread. I appreciated the photos in the instructions. They helped me know how things were supposed to look. You'll need a dutch oven to bake it in.

The King Arthur web site has a great recipe for sourdough pancakes that use the discard from feeding your sourdough. It makes a big batch and they freeze beautifully.

They also have a really good cracker recipe:

Food O. October 11, 2020
Thanks. Have you used all purpose flour in place of bread flour?
Lesley J. October 11, 2020
Yes, I use all purpose flour. Sometimes if I have a bag of whole wheat flour, I'll mix in a few scoops when I fill my all purpose flour jar. That gives it a little bit of whole wheat, but not noticeable. The sourdough seems to like a taste of whole wheat. I tend to wing it. It is very forgiving.
Food O. October 11, 2020
Thank you.
Food O. October 12, 2020
Ta Da! Beautiful and delicious. Thanks so much.
Lesley J. October 12, 2020
That is a beautiful loaf of bread! Congratulations!!! May you enjoy years of baking with sourdough!
HalfPint October 12, 2020
Beautiful boule!
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