why are kitchen utensils made of different materials?

angelica desiree duque
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1 Comment

Cav June 7, 2015
Many reasons. Metal utensils can scratch non-stick surfaces, wrecking them, but are useful for scraping say fond from the bottom of a metal pan, to make a sauce with. Some people believe that you should use a wooden spoon for risotto. You don't want to plunge a metal spoon into lava hot jam as the metal will conduct the heat to your hand, but you can a wooden or silicone one. Likewise you can leave a wooden or silicone implement on a gently heating pot. And all of that is a generalisation that doesn't take into account the differences between metals, woods and plastics. Also some foods require an inert implement that won't react chemically and ruin the food. Plus status symbols, cultural heritage, style and affordability come into consideration. So, whilst there's no single reason, it does come down to personal preference.
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