geranium leaves?

I have a recipe that calls for "2 sweet-scented geranium leaves" (based on my research, I assume this means something like rose-, or lemon-scented). Assuming it is best to use fresh leaves (my recipe doesn't specify), does anyone know where it's possible to purchase them? And/or, where one can purchase edible houseplants? (to purchase either in NYC or online). Thanks!

sonya gropman


sonya G. June 14, 2015
Thanks irina and JulieS for the great suggestions! Kalustyan's is my usual go-to for things like this, but they don't have it (nor does Penzeys). Nor did any of the other sites (though there are some wonderful sources, thanks so much JulieS!). BUT, I think I've discovered a source at the Union Sq Farmers' Market (in NYC) who sells live, potted, edible scented geranium plants in a variety of scents! Thanks, all.
JulieS June 14, 2015
irina June 12, 2015
Try Kalustyan in NYC. They may have them or know where to get them.
Also Pensey's might know.
I know some people make tea of them.
Or toss them in a salad.
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 12, 2015
I don't know a source but be very careful that if you find something that may work the plant/leaves haven't been treated with pesticides and the like. Sources in NYC might be Fairway. What type of cuisine? That will direct you to an ethnic market.
sonya G. June 12, 2015
sexyLAMBCHOPx -- I think it's more a situation of it being a dated recipe, rather than ethnic (though it happens to be a British recipe). Yes, an unsprayed plant is essential! Thanks.
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