packing camp lunches/food safety

I have lots of ideas for camp lunches but I'm always puzzled by what the proper packing solutions are. My daughter will be at an outdoor camp in Texas. The temp will be 100+ (August) but I'd like to move beyond peanut butter and jelly. Any ideas that will not spoil in the heat? I can pack an ice pack but I never feel very confident in how cold it keeps food.

Stephanie G


Stephanie G. July 16, 2015
Thanks! Great ideas.
Claire S. July 16, 2015
Not directly answering your question but you can freeze her drink in a plastic bottle the night before and then you get 2-in-1 as it helps to keep the food cold and gives her something cold to drink as well.
Nancy July 16, 2015
one idea I remember (though haven't done in a while) is to make and freeze sandwiches, cake, drinks etc in individual portions, then pull it out of freezer the morning you are sending that lunch. if you also pack these foods with an ice gel pack, you have a good chance of having a relatively cool uncooked lunch for your daughter.
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